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Vehicle interaction systems for the vehicle & fixed infrastructure -
·         Pedestrian awareness/avoidance & tagging systems
·         Collision awareness/avoidance systems (CAS) (reverse           sensors for domestic vehicles through to sophisticated             mining systems)
·         Sleep & dosing avoidance systems
·         Blind spot mitigation technologies
·         Automatic Emergency Braking technologies (AEB)
·         Automated speed adaptation/zoning systems
·         Edge drop detection systems
·         Vehicle safety lighting
·         Passive visual camera aids (reverse cameras through             to 360deg systems), dash cams & DVRs
·         Tilt & roll systems
·         12v accessories including brake controllers, tyre                     pressure monitor systems & crash cams, etc
·         Building mounted Interaction awareness                                 systems (driveway & garage systems through                         to factory & warehouse systems) 
·         Fast door & boom gate systems
·         Building mounted Overheight detection systems
·         Signage
·         Physical barrier & exclusion fencing systems
·         Truck docking systems
·         TMP Critical interaction reports

  •          ... Authorised dealer of Fork-aware motion warning          detect system, Yincaa Intelligent driver assist            systems, Hit-Not magnetic tagging alert system, BOLO 'in front of the pallet' forklift mirror system, Ezetech proprietary systems, Reverse Alert ADR approved                  collision avoidance & braking system for vehicles...

Safety guarding systems for machinery and the workplace...

      ...Authorised dealer of the Industrial Guarding & Safety (IG&S) suite of safety products: ISF safety fencing & bollards, BLH safety solutions stop drop barricades, Mayser safety sensor pressure matts, Envorinex non-slip matting-plastic bollards & fittings, Flex shield noise & weld suppression barriers
Services ...
·         Consultancy
·         System Design
·         Supply
·         Install
·         Training
·         TMP Critical interaction report for your traffic                           management plan.
          Risk assessing & Validation to AS2359, AS4024 and               other Aust standard requirements. International TUV             certificated consultancy.
·         Authorised integrator of leading Collision awareness               systems