Are you a end user site?
  • We help you comply to the relevant standards
  • We help you make your workplace safer for staff, visitors and drivers
  • We help you minimise your site damage
  • We customise a solution to meet your exact need
  • We offer consultative style support

Are you a truck oem or on-seller?
  • We help you supply a Australian Standard compliant vehicle
  • We help you upsell and value add your offering with the latest technology
  • We give you a edge over your competitors
  • We help you be a ‘solution provider’ when enquiries come in
  • We offer consultative style support

Are you a vehicle owner?
  • We help you increase safety for your passengers and pedestrians
  • We help you minimise the risk of accidents

    ...Over 10 years of vehicle & machinery sensory, safety & standards compliance solution providing, combined with over 20 years of vehicle accessory installations has lead to a unique position in the Australian market. A professional solution provider with a practical mindset - the company seeks to meet the customers needs beyond there own...