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  • All industries including Mining, construction, warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, utilites.
  • Unique service throughout Australia & NZ
  • Vehicle safety systems on the vehicle & on fixed infrastructure providing Collision awareness & avoidance (CAS) (reverse sensors on domestic vehicles through to sophisticated mining systems) and/or Pedestrian awareness & avoidance, sleep/dose avoidance, blind spot mitigation technologies, Automatic emergency braking technologies (AEB), tilt/roll detection, edge drop-off detection, over-height detection, automated speed zoning, visual camera aids (reverse cameras through to 360deg systems), custom solutions. Fixed infrastructure Collision awareness and/or Pedestrian awareness (driveway & garage systems through to factory & warehouse systems) , over-height detection, fast door pre-activation, anti-vandalism, physical barricade and exclusion fencing systems, custom solutions.
  • Machinery & workplace guarding solutions providing turnkey guarding of production machinery, conveyors and known hazards.  From risk assessment, supply, install & validation. Physical guarding systems & fencing, optical and advanced sensory guarding for maximum productivity and low wear, noise and weld suppression barriers, non-slip matting, anti-fall barriers for walkways & mezzanines, and much more. 
  • Risk assessing & consultancy for your site documentation. TMP critical interaction reports for your traffic management plan , Risk Assessing & Validation to AS2359, AS4024 and other Aust standard requirements. International TUV trained consultancy.
  • Authorised integrator of leading Collision awareness systems, and machine safety guarding products.
  • Authorised dealer of  Yincaa driver assist systems, Bolo 'beyond-the-pallet' mirror systemHit-Not magnetic tagging alert system, Fork-aware motion warning system, Ezetech vehicle interaction systems, Reverse Alert ADR approved collision avoidance emergency braking system for vehicles, Industrial Guarding & Safety suite of products - including ISF safety fencing & bollards.
  • Solutions for all vehicle types: cars (LV’s), trailers & caravans, motorhomes, forklifts, loaders, excavators, graders, skidsteers, dump trucks, water tankers, stacker/reclaimers, road trucks, and trains.
  • Solutions for all site types: factory, warehouse, distribution centre, mine, quarry.
  • Services including Consultancy, Design, Supply & install.
  • ...Over 10 years of vehicle & machinery sensory, safety & standards compliance solution providing, combined with over 20 years of vehicle accessory installations has lead to a unique position in the Australian market. A professional solution provider with a practical mindset - the company seeks to meet the customers needs beyond there own...